Monday, February 8, 2010


For the one who seeks peace and loneliness,Norway is the place to visit.The fjords and the far-away well hidden forests offer an unique experience in the middle of nature.The small fishing villages on the coast invite you to stay a while and reflect,while the mountains offer those who like hiking and climbing the opportunity to test their skills.Even in the big cities,where you can feel the pulse of life,you can surely find a place to relax.
Lofoten Islands,which separate the Wester Fjord from the open Sea of Norway are fishing islands towards which the code fish migrates from the Arctic Ocean.The fishing boats are crowding in the harbor.The streets are full of small,wooden house colored in red,white or blue.

Cape North

Cape North is situated on Mageroy Island and it is known as the most northern point of Europe.The attraction points for the thousands of tourist which visit it every year,are the summer nights in which the sun shines all the time,but also the long winter nights starting in the middle of November till the middle of January in which the sun doesn't rise at all.In this unreal landscape live only the locals with their reindeers.

Charles Bridge,Prague,Czech Republic

Much of Prague's present architectural beauty was achieved during its 14th century glory days under Charles IV,king of Bohemia and Moravia and Holy Roman Emperor.It was Charles who established a university in the city and commissioned his namesake Charles Bridge in 1357,Prague's most beloved and recognized icon.There are fourteen other bridges that span the swirling Vltava River,but the view form the foot of this pedestrian bridge on the east bank is nothing short of wondtrous,encompassing the remarkable melange of architecture on the hilly slope of the Mala Strana that leads up to Prague Castel on the opposite bank.Thirty-six Baroque saints,the majority added in the 17th century,line the bridge's graceful sixteen-arched crossing.
The ritual of visiting the land,ark bridge at many different times of day is a must.Early morning on the swan-studded Vltava means having the bridge to yourself while the guardian statues hover like ghosts shrouded in the lifting mist.Midday brings on a mass of residents,tourists,buskers and other street performers,and t-shirt vendors.At night ,the spirit of an ongoing block party winds down and the bridge becomes magical.
Within arm's reach of the bridge,the romantic boutique inn U Tri Pstrosu(At the Three Ostriches) offers oak-beamed guest rooms and excellent dining with a view.Formely Bohemias' first coffeehouse,its massive centuries-old walls keep out the noise of the crowds.Ask fir a corner room for the best views.
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Jamaica's reggae festival,Jamaica,Greater Antilles

Jamaica is the birthplace of raggae.Born of the Rastafarian religion,and with a deep-rooted spirituality evolved form centuries-old slave songs,the music is a blend of African-influneced percussion,contemporany pop instrmentation,lyriks that give voice to everything from religious to political and social commentary.
The annual Sumfest festival showcases star performers jamming nonstop from dusk till danw,and highlights the music's most influential mouthpiece,something of a national folk hero,the late Bob Marley.Sumfest runs for aproximately five days at the bigining of August,usually in Montego Bay,when hotels are booked to overflowing and the hot summer nights reverberate with music that includes hip-hop,rap,soca, and calypso.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve at Copacabana Beach,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

No less impressive then Rio's wild and raucous Carnaval celebrations is New Year's Eve along Copacabana Beach during the exotic,mysterious quintessentially Brazilian homage to Iemanja.She is beloved African goddess of the sea and central deity(conveniently conflated with the Virgin Mary) in such Afro-Brazilian spirit cults as condomble,macumba and umbanda.Well before dusk,thousands of her white-clad followers begin to gather on Rio's many beaches,particularly Copacabana,where macumbeiros baptize initiates while others chant and create candlelit sand altars.The air is thick with incese as a huge fireworks display turns the thirty-six-floor Meridien Copacabana hotel into a gigantic Roman candle.Cariocas(Rio's residents) launch small handmade boats carrying their gifts of flowers,perfume,lipstick,mirrors,and lit candles-anxious to see if Iemanja will accept them and fulfill their wishes(the boats are washed out to sea and sink into the depths) pr reject them(the waves return them to shore).The best view for those not into entranced crowds is from above.If you can't wrangle an invitation to any of the swank hich-rises lining Avenida Atlantica,book a beachside room at the Meridien,but do it months in advance.
Information:Le Meridien Copacabana,tel:55/213873-3888

New Year's Eve Greetings for everybody

If it comes to the end of the year everybody goes crazy,in a way or another.No matter if they just chill at home with friends or go on a cruise or travel to places one can only dream about.
Either way each year a lot of charts are made by different websites,tv shows,magazines trying to figure out where it is best to party,best to chill,best to eat,best to travel and so on for New Year's eve.If you'd ask me I would answer that it doesn't matter where you are,but with whom you are,cause having the right people on your side will bring you the best time of your life no matter if you party in a basement,in an one room apartment or in a tent.
I'm sending all my friends from all over the world my best wishes.May the year to come be better then the one that passed,filled with love,money and health.
Get your friends together and make the best out of it...Here is a list of how u can say Cheers in 50 different languages..In Romanian you say Noroc!...
Afrikaans : Gesondheid! : (Ge-sund-hide)
Albanian : Gëzuar! : (Géschuar)
Arabic (Egyptian) : في صحتكم! : (Fee-sa-ha-tak)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Budapest's fanciest and most famous restaurant is also widely consider the country's-and maybe Easter Europe's-best.Reopened to much fanfare in 1992 after restoration by Hungarian-born American restaurateur George Lang,the aristocratic magic of its 1894 debut can still be felt,from the era when Budapest was the Paris of Eastern Europe.The menu is delightfully old-fashioned,with many classic dishes prepared as they were in Gundel's glory days.Some of Hungary's best wines never leave the country,and they can be found on the extensive wine list,the city's most impressive,including a noble Tokay dessert wine,one of many under the Gundel house label.Just next door is Gundel's popular sister establishment,Bagolyvar(The Owl's Castle),whose manu is less extensive,less expensive and more homestyle-owner Lang wants visitors and Hungarian diners alike to have a wandering Gypsy violinists,and a cozy down-home alternative.
For those who like exclusivist places,this would be a good choice to spend New Year's Eve.